Speak on behalf of the most vulnerable

Far too often, the voices of the poor and oppressed—in the United States and around the world—have been marginalized or even silenced. These vulnerable lives and communities need advocates to speak on their behalf.

Seeking to follow the example of Jesus, World Relief advocates on behalf of individuals and communities, as well as working to influence the policies and structures that create poverty and oppression.

You can be an advocate. Today. Now.



Partner with World Relief

World Relief is distinguished from other relief and development organizations by our direct partnership with local churches, both in the United States and throughout the world. We believe that something wholly unique and special happens when the Church unites to stand with the vulnerable—offering its talents, resources and time to the transforming work God is doing throughout the world.

For over 70 years, World Relief has been equipping local churches around the world to walk alongside hurting people. Two important areas have emerged that drive the way we partner with churches:

Collaborative Partnerships
As we’ve developed many areas of expertise, we’ve also humbly learned the value of collaborative partnerships. By joining World Relief as a multi-year partner, we invite you into relationship with World Relief and other churches from the U.S. and around the world to both bless and be blessed. The skills, abilities, and resources in your church will be used to help churches in your partner country, and the way God has gifted those churches will in turn be a blessing to you.

Mobilizing Congregations
It is our passion to see someone from a local church knock on the door of their hurting neighbor. As your church helps equip churches internationally to engage their community in transformational ways, people from your congregation will be motivated and encouraged to do the same at home. Our hope is that partnering with World Relief will not only impact your partner country, but it will be a true discipleship tool for your congregation and bless your community as well.

Learn more about how your church can partner with World Relief to stand with the vulnerable.



There are many ways to join World Relief Sacramento in welcoming the stranger and building transformational relationships.

You don’t have to be an expert to make an impact!


Give to refugees and immigrants

Your donation meets immediate needs of refugees and immigrant families new to Northern California and are committed to transparent stewardship of your donations. 

The impact of our work is the result of the hard work of World Relief staff and volunteers, the generosity and prayers of local supporters, and the resilience and strength of the refugees and immigrants with whom we work.

Individual Gifts – Make a difference in a refugee or immigrant’s life today by clicking here to donate online or by mailing a check to 4616 Roseville Rd #107, North Highlands, CA 9566087.
Monthly Giving – Support refugee and immigrant families throughout the year by becoming one of the valued monthly givers. Just select the “recurring gift” option.
Planned Giving – Individuals and families with significant financial resources are often interested in combining their personal financial objectives with giving goals they know will make a substantial impact on the lives of those who need it most. World Relief and our qualified partners at The Orchard Foundation are available to discuss how your assets, retirement accounts and will be used to fund the work of World Relief. Your planned giving means the lives of individuals and communities around the world will continue to be transformed for generations to come.
Stock Gifts – Please contact the Donations Management Team for more information donorservices@wr.org
Furniture Donations – Consider dropping off your furniture items/Welcome Kit(s) at our North Highlands office. Located at 4616 Roseville Rd. #107 (the Warehouse is on the backside of the building). Drop off day is every Wednesday from 9a-12p. Learn more