When a family arrives in Sacramento, they are often curious about their new home and want to explore their new city.  Since they are generally limited with transportation, this can be a great opportunity for a volunteer to show a new family around Sacramento and the surrounding area. Not only are community activities a great way to help refugee families become familiar with their new community, it's a great way to build new friendships.   


Sacramento also offers many activities that can be done for a relatively low cost.  Many are great for families with small children. Think about visiting the Sacramento Zoo or Folsom ZooSacramento Children's Museum, other local museums, a Sacramento Republic Soccer game, some 

hiking/walking trails, or something on the list of 50 Things to do in Sacramento. 


A lot of what families expect of the United States comes from movies, a trip to San Francisco will show them sights they might have seen in movies and show them the diversity of California. Likewise, a trip to Lake Tahoe will show the natural beauty of our state. 


Other Activity Ideas:  

  • Take a walk or go to the park.  Take a soccer ball, frisbee or other outdoor activity. Bring some food and have a picnic. 

  • Visit a library and check out a fun book or rent a movie. 

  • Watch a movie (Have a conversation with the family about what type of movies they like.  Consider avoiding movies with violence or sexual content) 

  • Cook a meal with the family.  Ask them to teach you a dish from their country and teach them one of your favorite foods.  Cookies are always quick and fun. 

  • Play some board games.  Be prepared to teach the rules and use it as a teaching opportunity for English. 

  • Go through a picture album.  Ask if they have family pictures and bring yours to share. 

  • Visit an ethnic restaurant or market.  Let the family introduce you to their favorite food and allow them to teach you.