how to help refugee students

Refugee parents and students benefit greatly from volunteer assistance in understanding and familiarizing themselves with the American school system and homework.

Explain school documents:

  • Students oftentimes bring home documents, such as report cards, field trip forms, progress reports, etc. Volunteers can explain these various documents to students’ parents, as well as encourage parents to stay updated on school calendar schedules and extra-curricular opportunities for students.


Bring a family on a school visit: 

  • Volunteers can take refugee students and their families to visit their assigned school. During the visit, volunteers can show the newcomers how to get to school, as well as essential places in the schools, such as the cafeteria and gym, as well as potentially meet faculty and staff. This will decrease anxiety about attending school for the first time in the US.


Offer the family a general education information:

  • Volunteers can sit down with refugee student families and explain to them everything they know about the school system: the school bus, PTA, sports teams, homework, the grading system, standardized testing, discipline regulations, lunches, etc.


Take a newcomer student family school supply shopping:

  • World Relief is able to provide basic school supplies to refugees; however, it may not be a sufficient amount to last for the entire school year. Donations to WRS are greatly appreciated. Volunteers can ride the bus with families to assist them in shopping for school supplies at the 99 cent store or Dollar Store if they are in need of more. Refugees are encouraged to buy their own school supplies and volunteers are encouraged to teach them where to shop and how to shop on a budget. Each elementary and some middle schools have required supplies lists, so be sure to check with the school.


Homework help:

  • Volunteers can assist refugee students with their homework after school and teach them how to do their homework.