adult esl courses

English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses can be found all across Sacramento. Two options for these classes are adult schools or Highlands Community Charter School.

Adult schools within the local school districts provide ESL, high school completion, and career readiness classes for anyone over 18 years old. Class schedules vary widely by site, but most offer at least morning and evening classes. Hare are the links to the adult schools in the school districuts many refugee families are resettled in: Twin Rivers, San Juan, Folsom Cordova, Sacramento City, Elk Grove, and Washington (West Sacramento)

Highlands Community Charter School also offers ESL classes, GED classes, and special career programs such as cosmetology and truck driving in a wide range of locations. Students at any HCCS locations must be: 

  • 22+ years old 

  • Not have a U.S. high school diploma 

  • Be a California resident

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