apartment set-up (ASU)

If volunteers are participating in a Good Neighbor team, we encourage them to form an Apartment Set-Up (ASU) Team as soon as possible. It is important for these individuals to have a varying amount of availability/flexibility in their schedules to jump in to complete an ASU, aside from weekends. These individuals will participate in the ASU once Welcome Kits and Furniture Items have been collected and only if the family’s apartment is available for move in before their arrival.  


Things to keep in mind for good neighbor teams

  • If WRS was unable to secure an apartment before the family’s arrival, the ASU will be overseen by WRS staff using the items gathered by the team. 

  • If a family's apartment only becomes available after their arrival, WRS is obligated to move a family into their apartment with more urgency. Oftentimes, a family whose apartment was not available before their arrival is living in a temporary situation, either with a WRS Host Home volunteer, their US Tie or in a hotel and WRS needs to act quickly to move them into their permanent housing. In this scenario, working with the team to coordinate a date/time in which individuals would be available to complete the ASU on such short notice can delay a family moving into their first home.

  • That being said, GNTs can participate in the Apartment Set-Up when an apartment is available before the family arrives to Sacramento. In this case, ASU Teams will work alongside WRS staff to coordinate the details. Teams can use their vehicles to move items into the apartment with more flexibility.

  • If GNTs have collected large furniture items and require assistance to move these items into the apartment, the ASU Team will need to notify WRS and they will be connected with our Donations Coordinator to schedule a pick up of items. Please inform the Volunteer Coordinator if this assistance will be necessary at least 5 days in advance!

  • Large furniture donations to be utilized by teams to set-up a family's apartment can be stored in the WRS Onsite Warehouse a week before the family’s arrival.

  • These are guidelines for what typically occurs. The exact details of your partnered family’s ASU will always be communicated to you in advance.

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