Available Funds for Refugees

  • Resettlement Money: The Federal Government provides resettlement money for World Relief to distribute on behalf of the refugee client, also known as "welcome money". Each individual receives $975 to be used by World Relief Sacramento on the family's behalf for necessary resettlement housing items, if not provided through donations. All remaining funds are used to pay future months rent. 

  • Public Assistance: Refugees apply for public assistance through the county's Department of Human Assistance (DHA). The assistance they may apply for includes: Cash aid (CalWORKs / Refugee Cash Assistance or RCA), food stamps (CalFresh), health coverage (Medi-Cal). If a family member qualifies for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), they will also apply for that assistance.  

  • Match Grant Program:  World Relief enrolls some eligible refugee clients in the Match Grant Program which allows for up to 6 months of financial assistance and case management.  Refugees who enroll in the Match Grant program may not apply for CalWORKs or Refugee Cash Assistance.