Prayer changes things. Throughout Scripture and the history, God has used the prayers of his people in mighty and powerful ways.  The Prayer Partner Team is a group of women and men committed to praying for our newest neighbors --recent refugees and immigrants.  Like Moses, David, Daniel, Ruth, and Jesus, these new neighbors have found themselves in a new and strange land. Many of them have fled unimaginable danger. They have been displaced by forces outside of their control and World Relief Sacramento gets to have the privilege of welcoming them in the name of Jesus.  As part of this welcome, we want to invite YOU to join us in praying for our staff and the clients we serve. Every month we send out one informative email that will include the following:

  • Recent wins and inspirational stories of how God is moving at Wolrd Relief and in Sacramento

  • Specific prayer requests from our staff and clients

  • Occasionally: Personalized videos, commentary of global news, and more! 


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