December 21, 2017

Love in Action

2017 has been a difficult year. Mindful of this, we choose today to celebrate the undeniable ways in which we have witnessed kindness, patience and resistance to hate. That is Love in Action.

As you watch the film, we hope you'll be encouraged and inspired by the ways in which you and others have put love in action this year.

We also hope that you'll consider ways you can put Love in Action as 2017 comes to a close and we begin a new year.


November 3, 2017

Bikes for new refugees

World Relief Sacramento | Bikes

Proximity to employment can influence a range of economic and social outcomes, from local fiscal health to the employment prospects of residents- particularly low-income, minority workers and especially newly arrived refugees yet to gain a drivers license or car.

As simple as it sounds, a bike can help find and sustain employment, cut trips to the grocery store in half, get to medical care or access city resources—all vital things, and all so easy for those who have a means of transportation to take for granted. Biking also offers physical and mental wellness benefits to a community where both are rare.

Navigating public transportation in any new city can be daunting and Sacramento is no exception. Which is why we at World Relief Sacramento are proud to partner with locals and like-minded individuals and organizations like Cycles4Hope

For the head-of-household in a newly arrived refugee family, owning a bike is essential and Cycles4Hope have donated over 250 bikes to World Relief Sacramento this past year.  

October 3, 2017

We Want Your Stuff


This past May, World Relief Sacramento launched a new employment program for recently arrived refugee families. A successful employment program will work to see families not simply surviving, but thriving in their new home. To do this, we will work to employ refugees at jobs that ensure self-sufficiency and career development as an alternative to traditional social services. In the four months we have offered this program, we have already assisted nine individuals obtain employment! These nine individuals each have their own families and represent forty recently arrived refugees who are on their way to self-sufficiency.

In order for a program like this to be successful, we need your support! In an effort to empower and welcome refugees to Sacramento, we would like to ask for your donations. Items such as computers, bicycles, and desks will directly impact these families and aid in their journey toward self-sufficiency. Each item donated to this program will be matched monetarily and, in turn, assist families in paying their rent and utilities, allowing them to focus on their job search.

If you have items you would like to donate, please contact Tim Knight, our Housing & Donations Manager, at If you have questions about the program and how you can be involved, please contact Becca Brown, our Match Grant Manager, at

Items that we need and that apply to this program. 

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • Printer Paper
  • Watch
  • Book Bag
  • Messenger Bag


  • Portfolio
  • Yearly/Day Planner
  • Lunch Box
  • Travel Mug
  • Locker Lock
  • Phone Cards
  • Hair Cut Card
  • English Dictionary


  • GED Prep Books
  • Bike
  • Bike lock
  • Bike helmet
  • Uber gift card
  • Lyft gift card
  • Men and women’s professional clothing



September 7, 2017

Stunning images and story on the Rohingya minority

Absolutely stunning images and story on the Rohingya minority, one of the most persecuted groups in the World. From National Geographic


August 8, 2017

World Relief Sacramento Launching Immigrant Legal Services

Where do you go if your sister in your home country is being persecuted for her faith? If a teenage son who left his family behind to escape harm is now stranded in Europe while the rest of the family has been resettled to the U.S.? When you’re a first-generation immigrant and you want to take steps toward becoming a U.S. citizen?

You need trusted legal advice, and World Relief Sacramento is now here to offer it.

My name is Ted Oswald and I joined World Relief Sacramento in March as a managing attorney to launch a more comprehensive Immigrant Legal Services (ILS) program. At ILS we are working alongside our refugee resettlement colleagues and dramatically expanding our services through hiring full-time staff and placing a new emphasis on engaging volunteers from churches to better serve Sacramento’s diverse and growing immigrant population.

This exciting work reflects World Relief’s mission of empowering the local church to serve the most vulnerable, helping families, communities, and our country thrive.

Here’s how we do it, and how you can get involved.

In short, the ILS program exists to 1) serve low-income immigrants in need of legal assistance, 2) engage and equip legal professionals, Christian and otherwise, to serve their immigrant neighbors, and 3) offer relevant legal education to help vulnerable populations know their rights.

Some might ask, “Why invest in legal assistance for immigrants?” We see ILS as a vital means of fulfilling our biblical mandate to “Welcome the Stranger.” The affordable services we offer are vital for immigrants’ short and long-term integration into their communities. We can help individuals naturalize and become citizens, maintain legal residency and work permits, reunify families, avoid deportation, and protect immigrant victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and violent crime.

Unfortunately, the services of private attorneys can be cost-prohibitive, sapping immigrants’ hope and the will to resolve complicated legal situations. Many immigrants resort to unscrupulous community agents who mislead and defraud, often jeopardizing their legal status.

ILS aspires to be a source of compassionate protection, empowering assistance, and sound counsel.

By offering consultations and services to our clients we take in the facts, offer a diagnosis, and then provide a solution, all in one place.

We also create transformative volunteer opportunities for attorneys, paralegals, law students, interpreters, and others who choose to take time from their busy schedules to offer consultations, intern, help run naturalization workshops, and complete the applications and petitions that are vital to positive immigration outcomes.

Finally, we partner with churches to offer seminars that help break down complicated laws and explain ever-changing immigration law and policy. This education is a way for churches to concretely minister to struggling immigrants inside and outside of their walls who are navigating the difficult transition to life in the U.S.

I’m passionate about ILS because I’ve seen the way it can transform lives and empower individuals, and how it represents an exciting opportunity to reach our communities and model Christ’s love. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you are interested in learning how you or your church might partner in this new and exciting venture for World Relief Sacramento.

In it together,


July 22, 2017

By the Numbers - Sudan

By the Numbers – This is incredible. Sudan and South Sudan fought the longest civil war in Africa (21 yrs.), forcing the secession of the South to form the world's newest nation and yet who was once an enemy is now hosting an estimated 1.2 million South Sudanese refugees.


July 22, 2017

Letter from Director - July

This past month the world paused to recognize World Refugee Day. We both grieved the suffering and honored the bravery of over 65 million men, women and children who have fled their homes. For those of us who have not personally embarked on that forced journey, it is hard to even imagine the courage and perseverance it must require to be reduced to a desperate search for the most basic of freedoms and the preservations of our very lives. Yet many of you have begun to understand as you have stepped out of places of comfort to walk alongside refugees coming in unprecedented numbers to Sacramento by demonstrating what a world can look like that doesn’t give into fears and stereotypes but that instead models true hospitality.

We must deepen our efforts and investments our newest neighbors from a place of receiving loving hospitality to their becoming cherished and invaluable members of our common household. World Relief Sacramento is uniquely positioned for this historic moment. Joining our 28 plus years of experience serving over 30,000 refugees with the skills and passions of the immigrant and refugee community along with churches and volunteers, we believe that a legacy will result worthy of the world’s attention and imitation. This will require an unprecedented expansion of staff and program attention on long-term integration objectives which will necessitate significant financial generosity to match our personal engagement. In the coming months we will be laying out a clear vision for these new areas of focus and how we can join together to live up to this historic moment. Some of this has already been shared with the launching of our new employment services last month.

On behalf of all of the staff, I want to thank you your selfless service and investment in this truly unique moment for our community.

Respectfully, Kirt E. Lewis – Director, World Relief Sacramento