If you are a California-state resident and income eligible, World Relief can provide you the following for FREE:

  • Guide you through the citizenship application process and:

    • Provide a personalized legal review of your application

    • Prepare a government fee waiver or request for reduced fee so you pay nothing or a reduced fee 

    • Help you prepare to submit your application

We have several ways for you to get started in applying:

  • Call our Pathway to Citizenship phoneline at 916.760.7025

  • Sign up via our booking page for a free phone-based screening to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, we will schedule you for a weekday in-office appointment.

  • Sign up for a slot at one of our upcoming Sacramento Free Citizenship Workshops held on Saturdays at www.saccitizen.eventbrite.com. We try to run these workshops once a month, so check back soon or email us (wrs-ils@wr.org) or call us (916.760.7025) for upcoming dates.

Naturalization Eligibility Requirements