Clothing, Food and Household Needs

When a new family arrives in the US, they generally come with very little of their belongings. Because they are also on a fixed income, it can be difficult for them to replace the things they left behind. There are many resources in the Sacramento area that can help a family obtain things such as clothing, food and household items for free to very low cost. There is potential for a family to overspend or overuse their monthly amount of aid the first few months after arrival while they get acclimated to the process, due to household or clothing needs. 

  • The Sacramento Food Bank will provide clothing to a family once a month. They also provide interview and work appropriate clothing to an individual seeking employment.  Please note that both adults in the family must be present to receive clothing and identification for each family member is required. 

  • Produce For All, run by the Sacramento Food Bank, provides fresh fruits and vegetables for free to families in need at various distribution sites throughout the month. 

  • Amber's Closet run by Chicks in Crisis will provide free diapers, wipes, formula and baby clothing to a family in need once every 60 days. Contact: (916) 441-1243. 

  • For more baby supplies resources for items like diapers and formula, take a look at One Father's Love to see a list of assistance providers.  

Don't forget that local thrift shops and Craigslist are great places to find low cost clothing and other household items. Some families may feel there is a stigma associated with purchasing something used. Consider making a purchase yourself to normalize the process of purchasing used goods and decrease any feelings of shame around their economic situation.   

Google search for thrift stores in Sacramento.