Employment Program and Full Integration

World Relief Sacramento will unroll several integration programs intended to result in self-sufficiency, community integration, and job placement. The goal of the Community Integration Programs is to ensure that our new neighbors are fully integrated into life so that they feel both welcomed into their new community and empowered to retain their cultural identity and character.


Community Integration

This new project is designed to build Community Integration Services.  In order to fully integrate into society in the US, our newest neighbors require necessary tools to be able to flourish.  The foundation for integration is self-sufficiency and the path to self-sufficiency is employment.  Therefore, the project is primarily based around employment readiness. However, it will also address other areas of community integration and barriers that are experienced by newly arriving refugee families.  For example, we plan to address issues related to childcare in an effort to reduce barriers to employment. We also seek to improve our efforts around English language instruction, while providing more holistic services including tutoring, vocational training, assistance to vulnerable women, and improved access to services and community resources.

For further information, contact the Community Integration Manager Jenny Lo, JLo@wr.org