Cultural Orientation Classes

Click here for: Cultural Orientation Training for Roadrunners (scroll to end of page to download volunteer guide)

World Relief facilitates Cultural Orientation (CO) classes for every adult that comes through our doors. For our Afghan families, these classes are six hours long and spread over two days. We have staff members who lead CO classes in Farsi/Dari so everyone can fully understand the content. Some topics covered over these two days are: 

  • Cultural Differences

  • Role of World Relief

  • Health and Hygiene

  • American laws

  • Finances

  • Transportation & Safety

  • Community Resources

Each family receives a CO packet that reiterates all the information that was brought up in the classes, allowing them to refer to it if they need a reminder. As a volunteer, you can work off this packet if a question or situation comes up. Just ask to see their CO packet and check if there are any answers there. This way, it encourages the family to utilize resources they already have to solve problems. Keep in mind that CO classes are only a total of six hours and our teachers cannot cover EVERYTHING refugees need to know about Sacramento, American culture and resources. That's where you come in!

If you are taking a family to CO class, please review our Cultural Orientation at Arcade Center guide, attached below. 

PDF icon Cultural Orientation Volunteer Guide403.4 KB