Employment Services

World Relief Sacramento welcomes refugees from across the world to join the wonderful diversity in Sacramento. They bring unrivaled language skills, job expertise, loyalty and determination to our local job market. 

Refugees arrive with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, but share the common goal of finding a job and becoming self-sufficient.  

We partner with refugees as they seek employment and equip them with the resources needed to ensure their search is efficient and productive. Our goal is to see clients find pathways to meaningful careers that provide for their families and enable them to give back to the communities they live in. 

Hiring Our Clients 

Every refugee we represent is pre-screened and authorized to work permanently in the United States. We support them and the companies who hire them through the entire process- finding matches between clients and employers, applying, interviewing, hiring, and training. We stay with clients and their employers as long as necessary to ensure the best results, and all of our services are free.   

 If you seek quality, prescreened employees and in turn, help improve lives, we want to hear from you.  We are also seeking to build an employment database and welcome local churches, civic group and community, all in an effort to guide our refugee client towards a path for self sufficiency. 

>> Follow the link below and give us a little information and we’ll connect with you soon. 
Hiring information

For specific questions, please contact our Employment Service Specialist, Denton Josey. 
(916) 640-2623

For more information, please contact our Employment Service Specialist, Denton Josey