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English Language Services 

Refugees and immigrants arriving in the U.S. come with a wide variety of educational and linguistic backgrounds. Some come with a high level of English and can immediately begin engaging in their new communities. Others have little or no formal educational experience. They may be eager to learn basics like how to use a pencil and introduce themselves in English, or they may feel overwhelmed by the whole process. We partner with language learners of all levels to help them gain confidence and skills in English. Our goal is to empower them to function and thrive in their new American context.

WOMEN’S Education

Refugees from Afghanistan make up 72% of refugee arrivals in Sacramento, and over 60% of Afghan women resettled by World Relief Sacramento are not literate in their native language, let alone English. On arriving in the United Sates, they can struggle to know how to access transportation, go to the doctor’s, contact their children’s school, buy food in the grocery store, or even say their telephone number.  

We have an integrated English and Cultural Skills program focused on equipping women to be ready for Adult Education classes after one year.  Our program meets in accessible locations around the Sacramento area, often through partnerships with local churches who offer space and volunteer support.  For the safety of everyone during COVID-19, we have paused in-person classes at all sites.  However, we continue to provide services remotely.  Staff are in regular contact with the women to check in, share critical information, and respond to needs.  Videos in Dari and Pashto give preliterate Afghan women access to information that would otherwise be inaccessible if limited to English or print media.  A dedicated team of volunteers are reading books on video to send to the children in the families.  World Relief will continue adjusting services to meet the changing needs of refugee women during this time.


Our Women’s Integration Gatherings seek to reach and empower vulnerable refugee women who face significant barriers to integrating into their new American context.  While their husbands obtain driver’s licenses and find jobs, and their children go to school and learn English quickly, these women may struggle to adapt to life in America.  Many experience profound social isolation. 

Our Women’s Integration Gatherings have served over 40 Afghan women and teens by providing a safe and nurturing place where the women can build relationships with each other as well as with volunteers. The gatherings are integration focused, concentrating on improving emotional well-being and teaching practical skills, such as crafts that are sold at a variety of World Relief Sacramento events.  The Integration Gatherings help refugee women build confidence in navigating their new home environment.   

We are currently working with an alumni group to establish greater self-sufficiency. 


World Relief Sacramento provides access to free English learning software for all levels. 


In-home tutoring is provided by trained volunteers who are matched with a family or individual. They meet at the times they choose and focus on the needs of the student, such as assisting with reading bills, improving language skills, and building relationships. During COVID-19, volunteers can support families and individuals by tutoring remotely.  


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