Establishing Dental Care 

Choosing a Dental Plan 

When enrolling in Medi-Cal at the Department of Human Assistance (DHA) in their first week of arrival, a family chooses their Health and Dental Plans. Most families choose Liberty Dental or Health Net for their Dental plans. 

Choosing a Dentist 

When choosing a dental office, location and language assistance play an important role. Within two months after choosing their Dental Plan at DHA, a family will receive a packet from their provider. In the packet is a list of dentists in Sacramento County who take Medi-Cal patients. They specify which plans they accept and state which languages the dentist or dental staff speaks.  

  • Once they choose a dentist that fits their needs best (language, location) the family must call the dental office to see if they are accepting new patients. 

  • In the packet, there is a prefilled Medi-Cal Choice form, write in the Dentist/Clinic Code that coincides with their chosen dentist (found in provided dentists list in the packet) 

  • Finish anything else on the Medi-Cal Choice form such as signatures 

  • Use the pre-paid envelope provided in the packet to mail the Medi-Cal Choice form to: 

    • California Department of Health Care Services, Health Care Options, Box 989009, West Sacramento, CA 95798-9850 

If a family does not complete this, Medi-Cal will choose a dentist for them.

After the family sends in their Medi-Cal Choice form via mail, they will receive their dental cards from their dental provider via mail.