ethnic supermarkets

Some Muslims follow dietary codes which forbid the eating of pork and the use of intoxicating drinks. Meat from animals slaughtered by devout Muslims following appropriate procedures is acceptable, and is called halal meat. As such, there are certain stores in the Greater Sacramento area that sell halal meat.


Do not purchase or encourage Muslim newcomers to purchase meat that is not clearly marked as halal unless they have indicated that they do not follow these practices. Volunteers can use the following Google link to find halal meat store locations or view the suggested locations below.

Babylon City Market 

1745 Watt Avenue, Sacramento 95825 

Mediterranean Market 

1547 Fulton Avenue #B, Sacramento 95825 

International Market  

1345 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento 95825 

East Market and Restaurant - Sharq 

3405 El Camino Avenue, Sacramento 95821 

Mediterranean Sea Market and Deli 

5112 Madison Avenue, Suite 102 Sacramento 95841 

Faisal Market 

7924 Fruitridge Road Sacramento 95820 

Red Sea Market 

6968 65th Street, Sacramento 95823 

Shan Market  

2313 Northgate Boulevard, Sacramento 95833

KP International Food Market

10971 Olson Drive, Rancho Cordova 95670