Engagement based on the Pathways Model

START: This is a time for you to learn as much as you can about us. This includes meetings and the sharing of World Relief resources and materials. In line with our mission, we offer these services freely to any church wanting to be equipped to serve the most vulnerable.

RISE: Together we create an Awareness Campaign in your church. This could include speaking, displays/booth, small group materials, etc. When possible, we ask for your help to defray the expenses of our investment in the church’s successful awareness event. We encourage the church to take a special offering during the campaign to provide members a first step to getting involved.

STAND: Together we find ongoing ways of standing together in our work with refugees. This could include church members regularly volunteering, hosting events like citizenship clinics, campaign drives to collect items to help in refugee resettlement and/or regular ongoing financial giving. The diagram below provides insight for churches on the impact their financial giving can make.