hello good neighbor team!

Thank you for taking the time to gather to complete the GNT Agreement. This is an important step in order to determine ways in which you will partner with World Relief Sacramento to supoort a newly arrived refugee family. Please take 15-30 minutes to discuss and complete the agreement as a team.


When to use the gnt agreement

In order for World Relief Sacramento to begin the family matching process, we must first receive this form. The Good Neighbor Team should gather after going through a Volunteer Training and should submit this form prior to a family's arrival.


how to use the gnt agreement

We suggest assigning a point person to oversee each category the team agrees to help with and to divide responsibilities among all members. This assures everyone on the team becomes involved and keeps the team leader or other members from assuming all the responsibility. The point person would then assure completion of the task the team commits to. Some teams choose to partner with World Relief Sacramento to assist with practical resettlement tasks. While each of the categories are important to the successful integration and empowerment of a team’s partnered refugee family, the team is not required to provide mentorship in each area.


US Tie involvement

Most families that come to Sacramento have a U.S. Tie (a family or friend) who agrees to help the family with some services. WRS Staff meet with the U.S. Tie prior to the family’s arrival to determine how they will be able to support the family. The most common way a US Tie is involved is by being at the airport to welcome their relatives and providing the first Welcome Meal. It is also a cultural norm for the US Tie to host the family the first night(s) of their arrival even if the family's apartment has already been set-up. Once the team is partnered with a family, the team will be notified how the U.S. Tie plans to be involved. 


gnt Information

GNT Agreement

GNT Leader
The Team Leader’s role is essential in providing momentum, communication, and direction for this team as they empower a new refugee family towards self-sufficiency. Responsibilities include: • Help coordinate the group as a whole • Serve as primary contact for World Relief Sacramento • Prepare the team budget (if applicable) • Ensure team members are fulfilling their responsibilities • Ensure team members log volunteer time and donations • Lead group meetings and debriefs • Recognize and celebrate the efforts of your team • Inform your church or community organization of your team experience
The Housing Advocate’s role is essential in preparing for the family’s arrival. This person organizes the collection of Welcome Kits and furniture. This person also helps empower the family by understanding their first apartment in the U.S.
Daytime Appointments
The daytime appointments lead communicates with World Relief Sacramento if there are team members willing and able to provide transportation to daytime, weekday appointments. These are funded and required resettlement appointments that a refugee family has within the first 30 days of arrival. World Relief Sacramento has staff available to cover all resettlement appointments, if needed, so the team should not feel pressured to cover all or any of the appointments below. If the team marks "yes" to any of the appointments below, a World Relief Sacramento staff will reach out to the lead closer to the family's arrival to obtain specific team member driver names. We understand that a volunteer will not know if they can provide transportation until the appointment is scheduled. However, we need to know if anyone plans to provide transportation so we can follow up with finalized details, at which point the individual can confirm their participation.
Navigating social services can be very daunting for a newly arrived refugee family. The Transportation Mentor’s role is essential in providing support and empowerment to the family as they navigate transportation and learning about the services provided to them through the county.
The Education Mentor promotes education opportunities for their partnered refugee family. One of the core components of this will be learning English. This is vital to their ability to integrate into the local community, find employment, and become self-sufficient. The family may attend ESL class through the county, although they could still benefit from more practice.
The Health Advocate has the vital role of enabling their partnered refugee family to learn how to navigate our health care system and advocate for their medical well-being.
The Job Coach primarily focuses on the employable members of the family, usually this is the father of the family, but can sometimes be adult children. The goal of the Job Coach is not to find a job for the family, rather to coach them on practices that are most common in the United States. Helping modify a resume, set up a Linked In profile, set up a professional voicemail message are small ways to coach a refugee to improve their job search skills. Please note: If a family is enrolled in World Relief's Employment Program, they will have the ongoing support of a World Relief Employment Specialist. A volunteer's role would then be to work towards similar goals as the family's Employment Specialist.
The Finance Mentor plays a critical role in helping the family navigate U.S. banking, while also empowering them in financial self-sufficiency and meeting long-term goals.
The Activities Lead helps in restoring a sense of community and belonging by introducing the family to sites and activities in our local and wider community.
Additional Family Match Details

GNT Commitment

By submitting the GNT Agreement we hereby commit to assist this refugee family with the services indicated above. We understand that this is a moral commitment (not legally binding). World Relief Sacramento is ultimately responsible for the provision of the services in accordance with their Cooperative Agreement with the State Department. We will agree to keep WRS apprised of all changes relating to this case. We agree to maintain lines of open and regular communication with World Relief Sacramento throughout the initial resettlement period.