Good Neighbor Teams 

World Relief Sacramento bridges refugees and volunteers

A Good Neighbor Team (GNT) is a group of 5 to 10 people from a local church or community group that partners with World Relief Sacramento (WRS) to welcome and walk alongside a newly arrived refugee family for a 6 month commitment. A GNT is partnered with an individual newcomer or newcomer family and works to assist WRS staff with various aspects of the resettlement process. A GNT’s primary role is to create loving, lasting, life-long, mutually enriching relationships with their partnered newcomers by visiting them at least once every week for 6 months. Our goal is for each refugee that arrives to the Sacramento area to feel the warm welcome of the local church and community. 

Good Neighbor Team Roles 

Volunteers, WRS and refugees work as a team through shared roles and the common goal to empower refugees to reach self-sufficiency. However, each part of the team has specific roles. A GNT’s focus is assisting WRS staff with tasks, projects and services involved in the resettlement process while forming mutually enriching relationships with their partnered newcomers. Keep in mind that some of the families we resettle are never partnered with volunteers and they still reach self-sufficiency; this is said to reiterate the GNT’s role of friendship and the importance of not taking on more tasks than the team can handle. 
If you would like to form or have already formed a Good Neighbor Team, please submit a GNT Volunteer Application. If you are also interested in several other individual volunteer opportunities, come back to this page and submit the GNT Volunteer Application.**The GNT Application is different from other Volunteer Applications.