Grocery Store Orientation

Things to keep in mind while visiting the grocery store with a family: 

  1. Locate a cart or a handbasket. 

  2. Pick up a sales paper and go over the weekly specials.   

  3. Apply for a discount card if the store offers additional savings by signing up. 

  4. Discuss the difference between store brands and name brands and show some examples of the price differences. 

  5. Go over the food items that are eligible for food stamps. Explain to the family that food stamps do not apply to non-food items such as cleaning supplies and diapers.   

  6. Explain the different ways food items can be priced (for example: 4 for $1, $1 per pound, or 3 pounds for $1, etc.) Go over how the scale works and show some examples.  

  7. Show examples of expiration dates on various products and explain what they mean. 

  8. If time permits, go up and down the isles and answer questions, show the family new and different food items and share what you use to prepare your favorite foods. 

  9. Go through the check out process-show which lines would be the fastest, how to put food on the belts, explain how to pay depending on the form of money the family will be using (cash, debit, EBT, etc.) and if required by the store, how to bag the groceries.  Also explain express lanes that require "15 items or less" for use.   

  10. Put the cart away.  Show the family where in the store or in the parking lot to return them. 

Because newly arriving refugees are generally on a fixed income, show them the local discount stores where they can get food and household items for a discounted price. Wal-Mart, WinCo, Dollar Tree and the 99 Cents Only Stores are great places to get food and other items. 

There are several markets in the Sacramento area that sell Halal meats and other items that are popular and traditional for the families that we serve. Take some time to visit one of these markets and let the family show you what they like and how they prepare their favorite foods. Ask questions and try something new!