The health care system is complicated and frustrating to anyone living in Sacramento, let alone a newly arrived refugee family. Walking alongside a family through health care questions and assistance can be new, confusing and multifaceted. 

World Relief Sacramento plays an important role in introducing a family to the health care system, but families still need support and guidance as they navigate the system on their own. 

World Relief assists in the following health appointments: 

  • Department of Human Assistance (DHA) 

    • In their first week after arrival, families enroll in Medi-Cal and choose their health and dental plans. 

  • Refugee Health Clinic (RHC)  

    • Each family has 2, possibly 3, appointments at RHC to get initial checkups. These happen within the first four to six weeks of their arrival and WR provides transportation for these appointments. Initial vaccinations will be conducted at these appointments. 

    • If you are taking a family to a RHC appointment, please refer to our Refugee Health Clinic Guide. 

  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC) 

    • If a family qualifies for WIC, the caseworker schedules the first appointment. 

    • If you are taking a family to a WIC appointment, please refer to our WIC Intake Appointment Guide. 

  • Pregnancy Appointments  

    • A family’s caseworker will schedule the initial appointment for a pregnant refugee woman.