We need your help. We need your friends' help. We need your friends' friends' help. You get the idea. 

Gather your friends, family, classmates. Gather in your home, your appartment, your mansion to watch the short film Valley of the Children and learn how to mobilize your community to welcome our newest refugee neighbors. You will also learn more about the global refugee crisis from Micah Albert, World Relief Director of Communication and former photojournalist who spent 15 years working throughout Syria, Yemen, DR Congo, Sudan, Chad, Mali, Somalia, Algeria and many other locations. 

We slide into our garage, close the door and never get to know our neighbors. We live in buildings filled with thousands of people and we don't know any of them. This is by choice not by consequence. We've bought this lifestyle and have watched over it's growth. Whether it's suburban or urban we've created a crushing sound on the happiness of humanity. We've chosen, through our actions, the clean convenience of solitude over the messy confusing world of togetherness. Our only real fear in this rounded smooth environment is that of the manufactured. The fear of something far away that will never occur. Wake up, reach out and connect back with humanity.

We hope this film and gathering together will inspire you and your community to reach out to your neighbor and to love them. One of the most important things we can do as followers of Jesus is to welcome those who are seeking refuge.

Step 1. Coordinate

Reach out to our Director of Communications Micah Albert to set up a date.  

Step 2. Invite

Ask people in your cirlce to come over to your home. It can be a formal dinner or simply an afternoon with snacks and drinks. 

Step 3. Gather

Come together for a unified cause, break bread and learn how your community can get involved. 

Valley of the Children WRS

Valley of the Children WRS from World Relief Sacramento on Vimeo.