When it comes to housing, the role of World Relief Sacramento is to secure a suitable home for the newly arrived family, where they can afford to live and where they can build up some valuable rental history.  


WRS is notified about two weeks in advance of an arrival. Our WRS staff then calls the newcomer's U.S. ties (relatives or close friend living in the U.S.). An apartment is then chosen based on criteria of availability, location, quality, safety, and financial prudence. Volunteers on a Good Neighbor Team often collaborate with WRS to set up the apartment before the family's arrival. Often, single male refugees are placed in apartments with other single male refugees. 


If an apartment is not secured in time of the family's arrival, WRS often works with the U.S. Tie or Host Home volunteers. If neither are readily available, WRS will arrange for temporary housing.   



The term "arrival" refers to the day and events of the refugee family's arrival to the Sacramento International Airport (SMF). When it comes to the arrival, the role of a volunteer is to be there to greet the family with a warm welcome, help transport them and their luggage to their new home (or temporary home), ensure that they have a ready-made meal and a stocked pantry, and explain a few basic details about their home on that first night.