The purpose of WR Sacramento Internships is to prepare individuals for cross-cultural service by immersing them in the field of refugee resettlement. Interns are essential to our ministry, volunteering in hands-on ways. Interns have the opportunity to gain professional casework skills, build meaningful relationships, and learn about local and global refugee issues, both through direct-service to refugees and ongoing trainings and debriefing sessions.

“I can honestly say I’ve never done something so rewarding. I left knowing I had a lot to learn, but also feeling capable of doing anything I set my mind to. The relationships I made and the encounters with God I had along the way I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

–Hannah, former intern

Resettlement Associate Intern

Interested individuals will learn primarily about the application processes refugees must walk through to settle into basic life in Sacramento. There are many challenges in the initial appointments that interns will be made aware of as they assist with paperwork and transportation. This position is hands on and works directly with our newest refugee neighbors, so interns will be given many opportunities to learn personally about a refugee’s culture, their journey and the adjustments they are having to face in their new life in America. Interns will help with:

  • Transportation of refugees to important appointments

  • Filling out appropriate paperwork for county assistance, social security and other enrollments 

Housing and Donations Intern

Interested individuals will learn a great deal about the refugee community in Sacramento and how World Relief works with the city to meet all the basic needs that we are responsible to oversee as a refugee resettlement agency for our newest neighbors. Interns will be working within our Reception and Placement (R&P) and Volunteer Mobilization departments, and will learn about the robust refugee resettlement process. Interns will help with:

  • Apartment Set-Ups - often assisting WR Volunteers

  • Sort and organize donations and Welcome Kits

  • Pick up apartment keys and drop off checks

  • Scout for potential apartments for refugees

Interested individuals should send a resume and cover letter to Becca Brown at and REGISTER HERE for a General Volunteer Information Session.