Job Assistance 

This page exists to provide Good Neighbors and Good Neighbor Teams tools to assist your partnered refugee family find a job. Usually the father is the head of the household and will be the first to seek employment. 

Resume Creation 

  • Your Good Neighbor partner may have a CV that is rather lengthy compared to American resumes or it may have information that is not relevant for American employers OR they may not have a resume at all. In any case, you can help them a lot by simply doing your best. There are many resume templates included in Microsoft Word, Google Documents, Apple Pages, etc., and that is a great place to start. Resumes do not seem to be an exact science, but the following links could help. Also, please remind your Good Neighbor Partner to send their resume to their Employment Specialist even after you've assisted them.

LinkedIn Creation 

  • Similar to resume assistance, getting your Good Neighbor partner on LinkedIn can set them on a path toward long term success. LinkedIn actually walks new users through a setup process, so that is helpful. If your Good Neighbor Partner already has a LinkedIn, you can just check and see if it has any areas for improvement. 

Headshots for LinkedIn

  • Helping your Good Neighbor Partner with headshots for their LinkedIn profile is a great way to help and doesn't require an expert. Use the tips from the link below for help. 

Application Assistance 

  • Assisting your Good Neighbor Partner in filling out job applications (online or on paper) is a great way to help them. In the event that there is a skills assessment with the application, please refrain from helping them with any of the answers. But when it comes to just filling out information, your help is much appreciated! 

Mock Interviews 

  • A great way to help your Good Neighbor Partner build confidence and prepare for interviews- phone interviews and in-person interviews- is to practice with them.