Logging Hours on Track-It-Forward (TIF)

World Relief requires volunteers to log their volunteer hours on Track-It-Forward (TIF). Our responsibility is to report the community/volunteer support our families are receiving in order to maintain our grants. We also believe that volunteers are vital to our work!


When logging hours, the most important thing to remember is to leave a comment/note and the family’s last name. Remember, drive time for any service begins from the refugee's home. Additionally, miealge is ONLY logged when a refugee (or luggage for Airport Welcome) is in the volunteer's vehicle and they are being transported to a direct service.  


Select the activity that most closely fits what you did.These are just a few examples, please reach out to your Volunteer Coordinator if you have questions about your visits/hours!

Volunteer role


Notes example

Good Neighbor / GNTs

ESL Tutoring (inside home)
Cultural Orientation (events)

Mentoring (all other visits that do not have an appropriate activity)

Met with Mohammad Wali to practice English and learned words for different foods.

Went to the library with Samira Azizi helped her get a library card. 


VESL Classroom Aide

ESL Class

Helped in the morning ESL class. Donated 5 boxes of pencils and pens ($20)

Front Desk 

Administrative Help

Helped at the front desk and updated the resource binder

Employment Volunteer

Job Training

Led a workshop at WRS about Microsoft Products. 

Host Home

ESL Tutoring (inside home)
Cultural orientation (events)

Home tour with Moses and Sharifi family. Labeled kitchen items in English and Dari.

Took the Sharifi family to the grocery store and helped Moses activate EBT card. 

Children and Youth Programs

Homework Help (homework groups)

Cultural Orientation (youth camp)

Helped kids with homework and led a crafts session for the Welcome Club.
Assistant coach at summer soccer camp


Sign up to volunteer on Track-it-forward 

Roadrunners, ILS and Event volunteers will use the Events Calendar Sign-Up on Track-It-Forward to claim their spot to partipate in different volunteer opportunities. Watch this instructional video to learn more about how you can sign up to volunteer! Note: All Roadrunner transportation tasks will require a unique password to sign up. If you are a Roadrunner and need a password, please contact Jessica Alvarado at JAlvarado@wr.org. 

Sign up for Volunteer Events | Track it Forward


Getting started with track-It-Forward

  • Go to the Track-It-Forward website and sign-up for a new account.

  • Create an account on their website. Note – This cannot be done through the Smartphone App.

  • Download the "Track-It-Forward" or  “Volunteer Time Tracking” App on your Smartphone. Convenient for logging hours on the go!

  • Log your Hours/Mileage and Donations and always leave a comment/note and the family’s last name! Remember, the more details the better, especially if you've been partnered with a Match Grant Family. 

  • If you still have questions about how to set up your account, dowload the mobile app or how to sign up for volunteer events, consider watching any of these instrucional videos or contacting your Volunteer Cooridnator.