low cost childcare

One obstacle refugee families face with regards to English as a Second Language (ESL) classes is finding affordable childcare. Most of the ESL classes in the area do not have childcare at their locations. Families need to be creative as how to handle this situation.  

Some options the families choose are: 

  • Have an Afghan neighbor woman babysit the children – the women can take turns 

  • If applicable, parents arrange their class schedules at different times so one can stay home 

  • Low cost childcare  


Low Cost Childcare Options 

Child Action, Inc. is a non-profit that provides childcare assistance services to eligible families such as childcare referrals and childcare subsidies. Families should talk to their DHA caseworker about childcare and they will connect them to Child Action, Inc. 

The Head Start program through SETA provides free childcare assistance for eligible families. Newborns to children age three partake in Early Head Start, while children three to five are in Preschool Head Start. Families receiving CalWORKS or SSI benefits are eligible for these services. 

Beanstalk focuses on childcare that prepares children for school: 

  • Infant/toddler care – newborns to 36 months will have childcare in licensed homes through Family Child Care Homes Education Network. A tuition assistance program is available for eligible families. 

  • Preschool care –  children between the ages of three and five can attend free, part-day preschool programs at Twin Rivers USD, Natomas USD, or licensed, family childcare homes