Match Grant Program


World Relief Sacramento’s Match Grant Program is an alternative to the typical R&P 90-day public cash assistance program. The Match Grant Program is designed to help eligible families become self sufficient within 120-180 days by assisting refugees in obtaining a job. Services required under this program include, but are not limited to:

  • Case Management for 6 months

  • Employment Services

  • Maintenance assistance, cash allowance and administration.

  • Families under Match Grant must obtain self-sufficiency without accessing public cash assistance.


In order for families to qualify to be enrolled in Match Grant, they must meet minimum employability requirements as defined under Program Guidelines. The Match Grant Manager at WRS will “pre-screen” families arriving to Sacramento and inform them of the program once they arrive. After which, families must choose to be enrolled in 6 months of Case Management under Match Grant or 90 day Case Management under R&P. If a family has been offered enrollment in the Match Grant Program and choose to reject it, they will qualify for public cash assistance. Once a family enrolls in public cash assistance, they cannot be enrolled in Match Grant. 


Why is this Important?

A major part of the funding for this program is meeting the match required. With every dollar of funding provided, World Relief has to raise a certain amount to match the grant.

One way this is accomplished is through donations that go to the families. Items related to advancement in a job search are prioritized, such as transportation gift cards, briefcases, work attire, computers, bicycles, televisions, etc.

The most valuable form of help, however, is through reported volunteer hours. Every hour spent assisting a refugee is valued financially and almost always counted as matched funds toward the required match amount per refugee. It is crucial to have the amount of time spent, miles traveled, activities logged (comment/note) and donations given (besides the initial Welcome Kits) on Track-It-Forward.