Medi-Cal insurance


Within their first week after arrival, families will visit the Department of Human Assistance (DHA) to sign up for public assistance. At that time, a family will choose their Health and Dental Plans on a Medi-Cal Choice Form. The DHA will process that form and the family will receive a Benefits Identification Card (BIC) for each member about two weeks after submitting the form. This BIC card is used to verify eligibility for Medi-Cal benefits.

A couple weeks after receiving their BIC cards, the family will then receive their My Medi-Cal Choice packet, which they will use in order to choose their Primary Care Physician (PCP) and Dentist. Please refer to Establishing Primary Care and Establishing Dental Care pages if you need more information in selecting doctors and dentists with a newcomer family. If a family does not choose their own PCP and dentist, Medi-Cal will choose one for them.

Finally, the family will receive their insurance cards in the mail. 

If a family needs to see an optometrist (eye doctor), they need to receive a referral from their primary care physician.