Medical Transportation and Interpretation Services


For transportation assistance to medical appointments, most health and dental plans offer non-emergency transportation. A family must call customer service on the back of their health provider's medical and dental cards at least 7 days before an appointment to request transportation. If a family chooses the Sacramento County Health Center at 4600 Broadway, they can access free transportation as they are making the appointment. 


If the transportation assistance needed is not covered by the non-emergency transportation, the family still has options. Depending on the U.S. Tie's involvement and availability they may be able to take the family to their appointment. While volunteers are an additional means of support for the family, we understand that some volunteers do not typically have daytime availability to assist with an appointment. Volunteers can help the family by teaching them how to access free transportaiton and interpretation services by calling the number listed on the back of their health provider's medical card. We encourage volunteers to teach the family by doing it with them the first time. The second time if they still have questoins, you can empower the family to call the number listed and remind them of the steps. If all other options are exhausted, Uber and Lyft can also be used as a means of affordable transportation. Please refer to the attached Lyft and Uber Guides for ways to empower refugees to dowload these helpful applications on their mobile phones. 


For interpretation services, many doctor's offices will not accept an individual or family into their scheduled appointment if there is no interpreter present. If the husband or father of the family can speak English and is present, he can translate for his family. When that is not the case, an interpreter must be requested at least two to five days before the appointment. To request an interpreter for a medical appointment, the family can call the customer service number on the back of their medical cards to order an interpreter. In many cases, refugee women from Afghanistan will want a female interpreter. If a family chooses the Sacramento County Health Center at 4600 Broadway, they can access free interpretation services when they request it while they are making the appointment.


Alternatively, you can take a look at these two resources to request interpretation and transportation to medical visits. As mentioned above, make sure to call the number at least one week in advance to reserve free transportation. Note: It is not uncommon for these phone calls to take upwards to 1 hour or longer. 

  1. How-To Instruction Sheet to schedule interpretation and transportation for medical visits. Most families will either have HealthNet Medi-Cal or Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal.

  2. LogistiCare's non-emergency transportation phone number list to access the phone numbers to reserve transportation for Medi-Cal appointments, but not dental.



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