Moving Tips

A family's first residence is just a stepping stone. We know over time, our families will be able to move to better apartments, in better locations. When this time comes, they might look to volunteers for helpful tips for moving. In general, tips for moving for our new refugee neighbors are the same for anyone else. We remind families to do the following:

  • Give their apartment manager 30-days’ notice before moving

  • Complete an AR-11 online via US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) – this is a legal requirement!

  • Complete USPS change of address form online

Besides those points, there are so many topics to discuss to help prepare them for the move: budgeting, credit, new school district, transferring their DHA case to a new office, changing addresses at other institutions (DMV, WIC etc.) and much more! Just these basic resources are a step in the right direction.