Post Office and Library

The Post Office and the Library are great places to take a family for a community outing to help introduce the process of utilizing the services they each provide. 

Some suggested things to do for Post Office orientation: 

  • Bring some envelopes and go over the process of addressing a piece of mail.  Purchase a stamp and locate the outgoing mailbox.  

  • Locate a change of address form and explain the importance of completing this if the family moves. 

  • Go over some of the relevant services provided by the post office. 

Locate a Post Office Here

The Sacramento Public Library offers incredible free services consisting of, but not limited to: 

  • GED Services

  • Online and in-person homework tutoring 

  • One-on-one job coaching 

Some suggested things to do for Library orientation: 

  • Fill out the form to obtain a library card. 

  • Browse the different book sections and go over the way the books and other materials are categorized. 

  • Identify the system for looking up books and show the family how to locate their desired book. 

  • Encourage the family to check out a book and discuss things such as keeping it in good condition and returning it on time to avoid a late fee. 

  • Locate the computer station and walk through the process of reserving one to use for internet and other computer programs. 

  • Speak with a library staff member or locate information about different programs the library provides such as story time for kids, tutoring programs, and homework help.  

  • *Please note that some of the libraries in the Sacramento area will also offer one-to-one job coaching.* 

Locate a Sacramento Public Library Here