Public Transportation 

Transportation is one of the most significant hurdles a family faces when they first arrive. Learning to utilize public transportation can greatly increase independence as well as contribute to the overall mental health and well being of refugee families. It allows them to meet their basic needs such as going to the grocery store, medical appointments, and job interviews. If a family has transportation they are also more able to visit with friends and family which can decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation.   

Click here for an easy, step by step guide to riding the Bus and Light Rail. 

To map out an itinerary using a start and end location, please review the Regional Transit Trip Planner

For RT Fares and Passes, look at the SacRT website.  

There are multiple ways to get tickets: 

  1. Individual tickets which you can buy with exact change on the bus or buy a light rail ticket on the platform at the kiosk machines   

  2. ZipPass” is mobile fare app that allows you to buy tickets over a smartphone and plan a trip  

  3. Connect Card (might be the best option) is a card where individuals can upload money or passes onto and hold up to a scanner to pay when entering the bus/light rail. These cards can be bought at Bel Air stores amongst retailers. To get a discounted pass applied onto the card, Discount Riders (students, elderly, people with disabilities) must go to a Customer Service Center nearest them to obtain a photo ID to be printed on the Connect Card. Please refer to the attached Discount Card Application. Please also note that if a customer loses their card, they will lose all of the money on the card unless they register their card on Sac RT's website. Please visit the Connect Card website for more information   

There are Student and Senior Monthly Passes/Stickers at a discounted price. They must apply for the discount at a Customer Service Center near them. 

Sacramento also has the options of Uber and Lyft as a means of affordable transportation. While they may be more costly then public transportation, they tend to be more convenient. Please refer to the attached Lyft and Uber Guides for ways to empower refugees to dowload these helpful applications on their mobile phones.