refugee resettlement in sacramento



World Relief Sacramento has resettled over 30,000 refugees into the Sacramento community since 1989. The majority of refugees currently resettled through World Relief Sacramento come from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, and Afghanistan. We have also resettled refugees from Laos, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Iran, Iraq and Syria. This past year alone, the World Relief Sacramento office resettled over 1,890 refugees (close to 400 families).



World Relief Sacramento works in partnership with federal government agencies and other service providers to facilitate the resettlement of refugees into our community. World Relief Sacramento resettles the two primary populations:


Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) 

Many of our new Sacramento neighbors are coming from Afghanistan under the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Program. These persons have provided loyal and valuable service to the U.S. Military and government, but as a result, have experienced serious threat.


Lautenberg Program

World Relief Sacramento has a long history of resettling refugees from the Former Soviet Union through the Lautenberg Program. This program granted refugee eligibility to citizens of the Former Soviet Union residing in USSR countries who were targets of religious persecution during the Soviet era. Those who were resettled through this program and are legal U.S. residents can apply for family reunification for their immediate relatives. In 2004, religious minorities from Iran became eligible for resettlement via this program.