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Kirt Lewis – Sacramento Office Director

Kirt Lewis grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where the seed of his calling to work with uniquely marginalized communities from a faith-based perspective was planted through his parent’s work as group home managers for ladies with developmental disabilities. He often comments that he has one brother and thirty-seven sisters, the latter being all the women who spent time in the home where he grew up. 

Kirt’s formal training took place at Multnomah University (Bachelors in Theology and Pastoral Ministry) and later at Western Seminary (Masters in Discipleship). 

9/11 had a profound impact on the course of his life. Moved by a sense of patriotism and inspired by a long legacy of military service in his family, Kirt left formal ministry for two years (2002-2004) to enlist as a soldier in the US Army. His experience in the early days of the US’ second war in Iraq would lay the foundation for his eventual work with refugees. 

In 2011 he joined the staff of World Relief Sacramento where he would serve initially as a Church Mobilizer. Later he would split his time between the local office and World Relief nationally as Sr. Church Mobilization Specialist before assuming the Office Director position in 2014. Shortly after joining World Relief, he would connect with the Refugee Highway Partnership, a global network of Christian churches and organizations working with forcibly displaced peoples where he currently co-facilitates the North America Region. 

Bringing nearly a quarter century of experience in public speaking, preaching, church and social work, his passion is to see communities grow, immigrants and refugees thrive and for churches to play a critical role in that story.

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Micah Albert – Director of Communications & Strategic Engagement

Micah has worked as a photojournalist through out Africa and the Middle East for more than 12 years. He is new to World Relief, however Micah has spent time in more than 60 refugee and internally displaced camps through out Yemen, Syria, Chad, DR Congo, Kenya, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Jordan, Somalia, Lebannon, Tanzania and many others and has worked for major international news outlets including the New York Times, Foreign Policy Magazine, BBC, Washtington Post and National Geographic. He was a grantee recepient from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and has won international awards including a World Press Photo for Contemporary Issues for his coverage of the largest dumpsite in the world. 

His most recent work in Southern Algeria, in the second longest refugee camp in the world, captured the intensity of the deserted area, the insecurity in the region and the influence of al Qaeda in North Africa, as well as the role of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic’s rebels in one of the most dangers axes in the world.

Seeing the plight and journey of the displaced first hand glvanized Micah's motivation to communnicate the refugee criss globally and locally.