social security

All refugees must apply for a Social Security (SS) card within 3-5 business days after arrival. An application for a Social Security Card is necessary in order to secure employment and receive government services and benefits. 

World Relief Staff or volunteers will accompany the family to apply for Social Security cards in their first week in Sacramento. It takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to receive the SS cards in the mail. Refugee families will not have to return to the Social Security office unless there is a mistake with their cards or they are part of the SSI program.

Supplemental Security Income  

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a supplemental income program for those who have a disability or are 65+ years old with little to no income. If someone in the family is eligible for this program, World Relief will assist them in applying.  

Attached is a Social Security Appointment Guide for our daytime roadrunner volunteers who assist families with the Social Security appointment process.