social services and important documents

When it comes to important appointments and applications, the role of a volunteer is to help fill out forms, set up appointments, and ensure that the family has sufficient transportation. Although the processes may be unfamiliar, your expertise as a literate English-speaker will be very valuable as you engage the various processes alongside your refugee friends. In many cases, it will be tempting to do things for the new family, but you will serve them best by doing things with them and eventually coaching them in doing it themselves. 


For instance, you might drive the family for their first appointment, and for the second you might call Public Transportation together on speakerphone to set up transportation. Then, the third time you might go with them on the bus to help them get accustomed to riding public transportation.  


World Relief provides transportation assistance with the first two Department of Human Assistance (DHA) appointments, Social Security (SS), and Refugee Health Clinic (RHC),  however volunteers can also assist refugees in these and other areas.