Sunday Resources


Refugees and immigrants are talked about in the news almost every day, and yet many Christians may not feel confident in their ability to interpret current events in light of their faith and the Scripture. The resources listed below were created to support your church as you seek a faithful response to global and local migration. 


Host a Sojourner Sunday

The people of the Bible were a sojourner people (most often political and religious refugees) both in the literal and spiritual sense. If we personally have not experienced being forcibly displaced or leaving our country as an immigrant, we often miss this central theme. We encourage pastors and churches to devote one to two Sundays per year to focus on the biblical theme of being a sojourner and the call to welcome the stranger. We have created the following resources to support your service.



Congregational readings


  • Hana & Saeed: After their home was destroyed by rockets, Hana and her children fled Syria to relative safety in a neighboring country. There they found leaders like Saeed and Clara providing help and hope for refugees and their families (4:44 minutes).

  • Valley of the Children: The story of two families who were resettled into the United States (7:40 minutes).

  • Al's Story: When violent extremists burned down his mother’s medical clinic and attempted to kidnap him, Al and his parents fled Iraq and were eventually resettled in the U.S. (4:03 minutes).

  • World Relief Sacramento's Car Donation Program: Empower a refugee on their path to integration by donating your car (2:39 minutes).


Spotlight refugees and immigrants in a service 

Spotlighting refugees and immigrants during your service gives voice to our global and local neighbors and invites your congregation to stand with them. 


Set up an informational booth 

We would be happy to discuss sending a World Relief representative to speak in service or host a booth. Make a request here.  


Opportunities to Serve

There are many ways for your church to show their support for our foreign-born neighbors. Here are some suggested ways to engage with us: