Sunday Resources

Spotlighting refugees and immigrants in your Sunday services is a valuable way to live into our call to love our neighbors and welcome the stranger.


Host a Sojourner Sunday. We encourage pastors and churches to devote 1-2 Sundays per year to focus on the bilbical call to welcome the stranger. We recommend promoting your Sojourner Sunday at least one month out. We have created the following resources to support your service:

  • Bulletin Inserts

  • Message Outlines

  • Congregational readings

  • Videos 

    • Hana & Saeed: After their home was destroyed by rockets, Hana and her children fled Syria to relative safety in a neighboring country. There they found leaders like Saeed and Clara providing help and hope for refugees and their families (4:44 minutes).

    • Valley of the Children: The story of two families who were resettled into the United States (7:40 minutes).

    • Al's Story: When violent extremists burned down his mother’s medical clinic and attempted to kidnap him, Al and his parents fled Iraq and were eventually resettled in the U.S. (4:03 minutes).

Spotlight refugees and immigrants during announcements.

Pray for refugees and immigrants during service. We invite you to pray for refugees and immigrants during your service and distribute prayers cards in your bulletins. 

Set up an informational booth. If you would like to set up a World Relief booth in your lobby, we can provide you with printed materials to pass out. We would also be happy to host a booth and send a World Relief representative. Make a request here.  


Engagement Opportunities

There are many ways for your church to show your support for our foreign-born neighbors. Here are some suggested ways to engage with us: