types of identification

Special Immigrant Visa

This is the form of identification for those coming from Afghanistan or Iraq via the Special Immigrant Visa program. SIV holders will use this ID until they receive their Permanent Resident (Green) Card. Alien number is the Registration Number.


Refugee Arrival Identification = “I-94”

I-94 is often stapled to a paper with personal information and a photo. For United Nations refugees, this will be their only form of identification when they arrive. *Note: Birth Date format is in international format (DD/MM/YY). The Alien Number - a number the U.S. uses to identify new immigrant - is on the back. SIV holders will not have an I-94 form, instead they will have a stamp in their passport.


Employment Authorization Card 

The Employment Authorization card authorizes refugee to work in U.S. As a photo ID, it contains the same information as a Green Card. Usually the World Relief caseworker will receive this within the first 90 days after arrival. SIV holders will not receive this. 


Permanent Resident (Green) Card

A Green Card is the main form of identification for immigrants. SIVs receive Green cards within the first 2 months. Other refugees must apply for Green Cards after one year. For more information, please visit the Permanent Resident (Green) Card page.