Volunteer Opportunities

Learn About the Opportunites 

Our Good Neighbor Team program is a team-based, relational volunteer opportunity consisting of 5-10 members. This group comes alongside a refugee family for a duration of 6 months and assists them in their transition to Sacramento.

Good Neighbors are individuals, families, or a small group of friends (2-3) who desire to help refugees with community integration and understanding life in America by providing life skills, spending quality time together and sharing cultures with each other. Good Neighbors can also have a focus on Job Coaching, Health Advocacy or English Tutoring. 

An extension of our hands and feet (literally), Hospitality Volunteers shop for groceries and/or welcome meals for families that will be arriving to Sacramento, in addtion to providing supplies for a newcomers home.

Help transport refugees to important classes, health appointments, school enrollment, or other critical appointments during their initial resettlement period. You can even greet a newly arrived refugee family when they first arrive at the SMF airport at night and transport them to their first home. 

Unable to secure an apartment before a refugee family's arrival, Host Home Volunteers step in to provide a safe and welcoming home anywhere between 1 - 21 days. 

Volunteer opportunities are underway for employment! As our newest program, our hope is to have volunteer opportunities up and running by January 2018 which will include individual job coaching and job readiness training classes, resume workshops, and mock interviews. To get started now, you can read more about becoming a Good Neighbor with a special focus on Job Coaching.

The ILS program exists to serve low-income immigrants in need of legal assistance, engage and equip Christian legal professionals and others to serve their immigrant neighbors, and offer relevant legal education to help vulnerable populations know their rights.