getting your church involved through volunteering

We are passionate about inviting churches into the ministry of welcoming immigrants and refugees. We know firsthand it will lead to mutual transformation for your church and for the refugees and immigrants you serve and befriend. 


Good Neighbor Teams

This team-based relational opportunity is where we see the most transformation take place. It's a unique opportunity for a small group to serve together. We often tell pastors to think of it like a short-term missions team that is commissioned and sent by the church. The difference is you are sending people into our local community with the hope that it will lead to a deep, lasting relationships.

What's involved:

  • A small group of 5-10 people

  • Six-month commitment (weekly visits from at least one team member)

  • Matched with one refugee family

  • Partner with World Relief in practical ways to support the family's resettlement and integration

  • Offer compassionate care, patience, and friendship as the family rebuilds their lives in Sacramento 

  • Training to effectively equip the team on the global context of refugees, the process of resettling in the U.S., cross-cultural and interfaith bridge building, and community development principles 

  • Ongoing support through our Program Staff, Volunteer Coordinators, Church Mobilizer, and Cultural Advisor. 

  • Prayer and ministry support from your church

  • Financial partnership: We love investing in churches through our Good Neighbor Team Program, but the only way we can continue to do so is through the financial support of churches. Please consider how your church can set aside a budget to support this ministry.

  • Learn more HERE.


Welcome League

The Welcome League was created to help provide a safe and fun environment for refugee children to do what every child, in every culture loves to do: play! This simple seasonal league will give refugee kids an opportunity to learn and play sports in America from culturally sensitive and trained volunteers. Email Luke Voight to learn more. 


Additional volunteer opportunities

You can direct people to our website to learn more about the many ways to volunteer with us. Here are some of them:

English: Learning English is one of the most critical areas of support needed for new refugees. You can help by becoming a classroom assistant for our Vocational English class or by becoming a Good Neighbor and supporting one family with ongoing English practice. 

Immigration Legal Services (ILS): The ILS program exists to serve low-income immigrants in need of legal assistance, engage and equip Christian legal professionals and others to serve their immigrant neighbors, and offer relevant legal education to help vulnerable populations know their rights.

Hospitality: An extension of our hands and feet (literally), Hospitality volunteers shop for groceries and/or welcome meals for families that will be arriving in Sacramento, in addition to providing supplies for newcomers' homes.

Become a Prayer Partner