Thousands of resettled refugee children in Sacramento face unique and pressing challenges. Many are misunderstood in their new neighborhoods and it is very difficult for these newly resettled kids to transition cultures while undergoing major stress and trauma from life threatening situations in their home countries.  While school plays a vital role to refugee children’s integration, there is still a vacancy for individual care and attention to these children after school.  

World Relief Sacramento believes that the American church must unite together to open wide their arms and communities to fill that void for these children and their families. We seek to provide a safe and fun environment after school for kids to do what every kid in every culture loves to do: play!  

World Relief Sacramento is partnering with local churches and volunteers to launch an organized after-school program & soccer league for refugee children.  This simple connection point will provide these kids a safe environment to learn and play sports in America from culturally sensitive trained volunteers.

Volunteers have a unique opportunity to making a lasting impact with the refugee children on their teams.

Want to volunteer or learn more, contact Luke Voight.