Welcome Kit Drive

World Relief Sacramento resettles between 200-500 families a year. Each family arrives at the airport with only a few suitcases, a difficult past, and high hopes for the future. Welcome Kits provide items they need for their new start in Sacramento. Promoting a Welcome Kit drive in your church is a great way to raise awareness and serve the tangible needs of our newest neighbors.

The kits include kitchen supplies, bedding, and other household items. The value of each kit is $80-$100. You can supply one refugee family with all of their household items (non-furniture) for about $500. 



  1. Set a goal for the number of Kits you hope to collect and a deadline to complete the drive.

  2. Designate a space for people to drop off Kits.

  3. Provide Welcome Kit flyers in your lobby, bulletin, and/or website.

  4. Promote the Welcome Kit Drive at your church (Welcome Kit Flyer).

  5. Schedule a time to drop off your Kits at World Relief Sacramento (and tour our office!) or arrange for a representative to join you on your final Sunday and pick up your Kits.

You can also direct people to purchase Kits on our amazon smile account. These Kits get delivered right to our office!