welcome kit and furniture collection

Volunteers can collect donations of furniture and various household items (also referred to as Welcome Kits) for the refugee's home.


Members of a Good Neighbor Team (GNT) can utilize this Welcome Kit and Furniture Inventory Checklist which contains a breakdown of items that are required by the State Department to have in every families apartment in addition to optional items. If GNT volunteers are unable to collect the listed required items, then WRS will do so from our donations or purchase it with the initial resettlement grant. If volunteers are unable to collect optional items, WRS will only provide them if we have them in our donations warehouse. If you are participating with a GNT, we recommend uploading this document to Google Drive in order to make it shareable with the rest of the GNT. 


please pay close attention to the following

If you are collecting items as part of a GNT, please note:

  • Matresses, box springs and bed frames will always be purchased new by WRS utilizing a family's initial resettlement grant. 

  • WRS purchases very affordable beds. If the GNT would like to purchase these items for the family, please inform the GNT Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible, as it is best to go through the WRS supplier. 

  • Please notify WRS at least 3-5 days before a family's arrival to Sacramento with the required items that the GNT was unable to gather. 


Other donations

If you are simply curious about drop-off times and pick-up times for general donations given to any refugee family, please visit our Items Needed page.

If you are interested in purchasing items via our Amazon Wishlist and have them shipped directly to our office, please visit our Furnish a Home page.