REsettlment TIMELINE 


The following is a snapshot of what newly-arrived refugee families experience during their R&P period, which lasts a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days. Those families on our Match Grant program will follow a similar timeline. It should be noted that unforeseen events and situations can at times disrupt the linear layout of the services delivered, making certain services delayed or secondarily prioritized.


What to Expect Month Three:

  • World Relief will complete cultural orientation assessments with adults age 18+

  • Family is expected to call and set up their own medical appointments, as well as corresponding transportation.


What Not to Expect:

  • All the family’s questions have been answered. Each day, our families are learning new things, which leads to new questions. They will probably wonder about things now that they never even considered when they first arrived in California.

  • The family feels completely satisfied with their case management experience. As noted above, World Relief is unable to ever give a family as much support as that family would benefit from. Families frequently wish they had seen their caseworker more, or had more time with World Relief staff.


How to Advocate for Your Family:

  • Talk about how far the family has come in such a short amount of time! What are they able to do on their own now, that they could not do when you first met each other?

  • If you feel the case manager has not assisted the family with what s/he should have, or if you have general concerns about the family’s well-being, contact the GNT Volunteer Coordinator, who can have a conversation with the caseworker and/or R&P Director of Refugee Services.

  • If the family is interested, offer to review their budget with them. By the end of case closure, the family will likely have started to pay a portion of their monthly rent, as well as utilities, phones, etc.



  • World Relief caseworkers will meet with family on or shortly before day 90 to verify that core services have been completed, and that the family is comfortable with what occurred throughout the R&P period.

  • Any outstanding issues related to core services will be followed up on by World Relief staff.

  • Family receives a few important reminders:

    • World Relief is always available to answer questions over the phone

    • First travel loan bill usually arrives 5-6 months after arrival

  • If a family is part of our Match Grant program, they continue to receive World Relief services, primarily from Employment Services, until their 180th day.