Let World Relief employment services meet your workforce needs.

We want to partner with you to support your business growth. You can save thousands of dollars in marketing and temp agency bills by choosing World Relief Seattle to provide you with excellent employees.

"Hiring refugees through World Relief has greatly improved the staff at the Hyatt Regency...From our experience, many refugees bring a strong work ethic and assimilate to our work environment well. They participate...and really want to do a good job" - Renee Perrin, Employment Manager, Hyatt Regency

Why Hire Refugees?

At World Relief Sacramento, we prepare refugees for employment and self-sufficiency in the United States. Refugees come to the US with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. In addition to having diverse skills, all refugees are qualified, authorized, and reliable.

World Relief can meet your needs by providing:

  • Pre-screening services
  • Completed documents and paperwork
  • Transportation assistance
  • On-the-job councel to employers
  • As-needed English language training

Post a Position

Our refugee clients are qualified for your business because they are pre-screened to meet your staffing needs. World Relief Seattle employment specialists work individually with each refugee to evaluate their skills and experience and make an appropriate employment match.

Our refugee clients are authorized to work for you because they have legal status in the United States. They are authorized to work immediately and are E-Verify ready.