FREE Employment Services, Fully Documented Workers

We’ll introduce you to the motivated individuals who have gained a reputation for stellar performance in local industries. Our candidates are refugees and Special Immigrant Visa holders – internationals with clean backgrounds whom the U.S. government has cleared for permanent residence and work authorization. They have demonstrated a remarkable work ethic that will bolster your workforce.


Solutions for the most common hiring challenges

Recruitment Time and Expense: World Relief eliminates the cost and difficulty of recruitment through our referral service. You tell us what you’re looking for; we find the best match.
Legality and documentation: Each of our candidates has a clean record and satisfies legal documentation requirements.
Employee Performance: We want to see our candidates excel at your company, so we provide extensive job classes, language training and one-on-one employment counseling.
Employee Retention: World Relief helps you retain your new employees by offering them extensive job counseling before and after hire. We thoroughly pre-screen our candidates in order to provide you with the best applicants.


Benefits of Hiring Refugees and special immigrant visa holders

  • Highly motivated applicants who are eager to work

  • A diversified workplace in perspective, language and backgrounds

  • Free follow-up services provided by World Relief

  • Adaptable and loyal employees

  • Legally authorized employees (all candidates screened by the U.S. Dept. of State)


Contact our integration Manager to discuss your hiring needs!

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